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 stop debt calls unit



The Debt Call Blocker Will Instantly Stop Debt Collector and Creditor Calls From Ringing...  

Block Unwanted Calls Instantly!!

Discover The One Simple To Use Unit That Will Stop Debt Collectors and Harassing Calls!

Imagine, sitting down for dinner with friends, and your phone doesn't ring...





The Answer Is Finally Here!!!


person on phone

The Debt Call Blocker will stop debt calls before they ever reach your telephone. You will be able to answer with certainty knowing that there is a friendly voice on the other end.     

Block any kind of number from any caller any time you want.

And it's so easy.

We send it to you already programmed to block most debt collector calls. You simply plug the phone line into the device and plug the device into your telephone or cordless base and you're all set.

Listen to what one happy customer had to say.


 "I couldn't believe it. I hooked up the unit and within minutes my house was quiet. No more collection calls every minute of the day. I was able to answer my phone without even looking at the caller id. And I'm so happy that I can have people over my house again without having to feel embarrassed by the constant calling. I love the Debt Call Blocker."

Jim B., Long Island, New York



Regain Your Peace Of Mind And Only Speak To People You Want To Speak To


So in a nutshell, here is what you get with the Debt Call Blocker:

 A simple to use unit that allows you to totally customize who calls you and when they are able to call
Block calls from an entire area code or block specific numbers. You can even block those annoying "private caller" and "caller unknown" calls.

 The Debt Call Blocker works with traditional phone services as well as systems like Vonage and Skype.

 Caller id works with international or domestic callers

   And we will deliver the unit already programmed to block the most common type of collection calls. All you have to do is fill in the rest. It's quick and easy.

Some phone units will block calls but you'll still hear the phone ring before it disconnects and they limit the amount and type of numbers you can block. Other units force you to answer the phone and then press the * button to disconnect or transfer.

The Debt Call Blocker totally, one hundred percent, blocks unwanted calls and silences your ringer.

The Debt Call Blocker is an affordable way of eliminating annoying and disturbing debt collection calls. It will put you back in control of your telephone.

And there are no monthly fees to pay. 


 30 day guarantee


We are so sure that the Debt Call Blocker will do everything we say it does, we provide an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, No Questions Asked!!

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Stop Debt Collectors Today And Order The Debt Call Blocker for only $79.95 plus SH



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