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The Debt Call Blocker- Frequently Asked Questions 



  • The phone company's call blocking feature does not block business numbers, does the Debt Call Blocker block any number?

    Yes, it can block any phone number that you do not like. Press menu key to "Set up control level", then select "Ring List A and B # only" hour by hour, all other calls from numbers not included on that list A or List B will be blocked. That blocked unlimited callers such as 800, 866, 888,.... To target specific callers, you can send their number to List R, and then regardless of whether it is business or personal it will be blocked. It's really simple

  • How does the Debt Call Blocker handle calls that show up on caller id as 'Private' or 'Caller Unknown'?

    Yes, it will block any calls you do not want, including 'blocked', 'private' and 'unknown'. The Ring Controller will assign the blank number of '000-000-0000' for these calls. By sending this number to List R, all such call will be blocked.

    My house has several phones, some are cordless and some have cords, will the system work for all phones?

    This device will work for all telephones in your house, regardless of whether they are cordless phones or not, but it must be connected to the main line into the house. Usually our customers have been able to find the main line with a simple trial-and-error technique. The device can only control telephones or answering machines that follow it. The Caller ID function will still work, but not the Call Blocking function.

     What does the caller hear when their call is being blocked?

    On their end, they will hear it ringing as if you're not home, and to them it will appear as if your phone is ringing, but your phone will not ring..

    Can I block calls from an entire area code?

    Yes. With our wildcard feature, you can block any sequence of numbers. So if you want to block all '800' numbers you can. It is very easy to use and provides you a tremendous amount of flexibility.

     Can I use the Debt Call Blocker with an answering machine?

    The Debt Call Blocker should be set up after the answering machine and before the phone, if possible. When this is not possible, then install it before the device it is meant to control (e.g., the phone or the fax machine). The answering machine needs to be set to ring 6 or more times, and no less then 4 times.

    Does the Debt Call Blocker work with internet phone systems like Skype? 

    Our latest version works with VOIP or internet phone systems.

    Does it work with cell phones? 

    Sorry, it does not work with cell phones.

  •  My phone has integrated Caller ID. Will it still work once I install the Debt Call Blocker? 

    The caller’s name and number are sent once by the phone company and go to the ring controller device, therefore your phone or handset cannot display the name and number on screen..

    How long will it take me to set up and is it hard?

    The setup is easy. We will program it to block the common collection calls such as toll free numbers. numbers starting with '000', and others. If you have caller ID, start writing down the numbers that are calling you so you can block them once you get the unit. It literally takes seconds to block a specific number or an entire area code.