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Features and Benefits                                                          

  • Hour-by-hour settings allows you to decide which calls to block and which calls to allow.
  • 3 different lists gives you flexibility to block calls based on time of day and relationship:
    • An A-list for calls from family and close friends that never get blocked
    • An B-list of acquaintances that are allowed at certain times and blocked at other times
    • An R-list for calls that you would like to block at all times, such as:
      • - Donation Solicitors
      • - Creditors or bill collectors
      • - 800,866, or other toll free numbers with our wildcard function that blocks calls from a certain area code
      • - Stalkers or anyone harassing you for any reason!
  • When you really need to have privacy, you can block all phone calls except those on your A-list.
  • The mini computer becomes an electronic address book connected to your phone allowing you to quickly speed dial any number programmed in the system.
  • A mini computer system remembers your programmed settings even in case of power outage

The second generation Caller ID with Ring Controller is here! New features include:

  • Block up to 70 numbers with the expanded 'Reject Caller List'
  • Block calls from an entire area code with new seven-digit wildcard capability
  • Assign nicknames, like 'Mom' or 'Cousin Sarah'
  • Now compatible with VoIP systems like Vonage and Skype
  • New universal display handles international phone numbers